Act Your Age.......Not!

I wanted to touch base on a topic that seems to be a trend these days with people in my age group. I’m currently 53 years of age. I look at so many people that are in my age group and just can’t understand why they act so much older than what they are. It really baffles me. I’m not sure if it’s because they feel there’s nothing out there for them to discover... you know the, been there done that, mindset. Or if they’ve just given up for having a goal, a zest for life, a, “Glass half full mindset”.

I want to insert a disclaimer regarding me. I have my flaws. I have my moments of negativity. I am no different than anyone else. I certainly don’t think that I’m better than anyone and by no means do I look down my nose at the people I’m referring to. What I find fascinating is that some people seem to just give up. We’ve all seen them. The person who lets go of their appearance, or finds fault in any conversation, or has an excuse for any short comings. It intrigues me. So what’s the point of this conversation.... LOL.

Well I feel I lead a positive lifestyle, I feel that I’ve taken an honest look at myself and my faults and attempt to improve on a day to day basis. You see my past wasn’t always the best. I made multiple mistakes throughout my life that made me hit a rock bottom moment. That led me into a 6 year period of trying to figure out myseIf. I first had to make myself, “own my shit”. Which happens to be a motto that my kids have learned on a frequent basis lol.  I then had to work hard at evaluating my actions in life. I then had to decide to make the changes. So what I learned was that what it boils down to is the following..... decide each day wether it’s a good one or bad one no matter what. It simply is a choice to make your day a good one. You know, “Glass half full”. It’s that simple.

I choose to see the positive things in every aspect of my life. Don’t get me wrong I’m not delusional, lol. I understand that bad shit happens but how it’s handled and perceived makes the difference. I choose to look at a bad situation now as a learning point. I then put it in my memory Rolodex and use that situation for a future, similar situation, of what not to do. When you look at things in this manner you realize that whatever the situation is it isn’t as bad as most people perceive.

Remember when you were younger and you really put thought into how you dressed and your appearance in general? Why should that change? Seriously.... why should you not care about how you look and are perceived. It’s the little things that changes your attitude towards life. A great person once said, “if you want to change the world start by making your bed”. There is so much truth to that. Making your bed makes you feel good. Makes you start your day positive and then it snowballs from there. I challenge you to try it for one month. It will change you I promise. All these tasks I’ve suggested lead to having good discipline which leads to habit. Which then leads to lifestyle changes.

I would suggest to try to begin exercising if you don’t already. The changes it’ll make are amazing. The endorphins kick in and just simply make you feel better. If you haven’t exercised in a long time take baby steps. Nothing worse than going full speed and then you’re not able to get out of bed the next day. Simply go for a walk. If you have a partner in life it’s a great time to have a conversation. I find that a walk with my kids is a great time to see what going on in there life. Plus fresh air is good for all of us.

I hope that my insight in this topic does not come across as a form of judgement. I just wanted to provide you with some different thoughts. I challenge you to try to make one change each day in your life. Next thing you know your daily routine will be completely different in which your life will be completely different. Remember you only get to go around the block (of life) once you better embrace and enjoy all that you can. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Keith Grant

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