Carnivore Diet & intermittent Fasting

I wanted to take the time to give my opinion regarding the carnivore diet along with intermittent fasting. I first want to say that by no means am I a nutritionist. I am an every day family man who works and has the same day-to-day issues as the average person. All diets work if you stick with them. Also before trying any diets or making big changes in your life please get checked by your doctor first.

For the last 4+ months myself and my family have been on a carnivore style diet along with intermittent fasting. We have seen significant results. I will say that in the beginning there were a few small challenges. One it takes some planning and preparation. My family had to learn how to meal prep and to prepare ahead of time.  What we learned and what worked best for us was to meal prep for our lunch meals and to prepare each evening meal in that moment. Having snacks readily available in the refrigerator will help you succeed in this endeavor.

When it came to the intermittent fasting we did a 16/8 fast. This means we fasted for 16 hours and our eating window was 8 hours. I first would suggest if you are changing your diet in any way to not fast for maybe the first two weeks or as long as a month. It’s hard enough to get use to a new diet form let alone attempt to fast at the same time. My family found that our eating window worked best from noon until 8 pm.

The results we have seen are nothing shy of amazing. One of my daughters has dropped approximately 45 lbs in about a 3 month window. Normally I would say that is fast but honestly her nutrition levels were good and it seemed like the weight just fell off of her. Her level of energy increased significantly. Her mental clarity changed to the better. Don’t get me wrong she’s still a teenager (15) and has her moments LOL. But the changes were amazing. She now is such a believer in this process that it has inspired her to go in a direction to help other teenagers deal with body image insecurities.

Another daughter of mine is (12). She has a very out going personality, highly intelligent, and at times honestly came across out of control with fits and rages. What we discovered was she has a sensitivity to sugar. More specifically processed sugar. She would be out of control in some situations where we just could barely handle her and we’re at wits end. Since she has been on this diet we are nothing less than astounded. Her communication is at a civil level and a night and day difference. I truly believe that kids with a high level of intelligence, such as her’s, are very susceptible to processed sugar. We have seen and learned first hand what the difference not being on processed sugar does. I would highly recommend if you have a similar situation to try it for a month and see the difference yourself.

My wife (48). Who is already beautiful has dropped approximately 22 lbs. This diet has changed the way she thinks about food. My wife is in the beauty industry. What she has discovered with this form of eating are the following. Her hair has a much healthier structure, skin is getting more buoyancy and she is seeing some wrinkles disappear, much healthier finger nails and the whites of her eyes more vibrant.

It has changed the way both of us look at food especially when shopping. It amazes us every time we go grocery shopping what people are putting in their carts. We don’t feel better than anyone else or pass judgement. We just feel bad that people aren’t provided the proper information regarding nutrition.

So I guess I’ll finish with me. I’m 53 years of age. I first started out around 277 lbs but I’ve lost weight prior to this diet. This diet has got me to the current weight of 216 lbs. I’m also a big proponent of exercise and do so daily. I haven’t had my body fat percentage checked but I’d guess approximately 10-12% . That aside I will tell you that this has been the easiest diet to follow. I’m a big eater and I do not feel deprived of food ever. I can go to any restaurant ( which is rarely) and can find food to eat. My mental clarity is so much better. My level of energy is amazing. It stays steady all day long but when it’s time for bed I sleep very well. I have no cravings for carbs or sugar. I do feel this diet is a significant life changer.

I happened to be in a local gas station in the town I work in. I spoke with the manager who explained to me that on the average the store sales approximately $4,000 worth of candy, donuts, baked sugar goods ie; cupcakes, chips, sodas etc. per week. Blew my mind. I looked at just one package of popular name brand iced cupcakes and it showed 64 grams of carbohydrates and 48 grams of processed sugar. That’s just one item. Now think of how often a person eats those items multiple times per day. Then think about how many gas stations are in your average town. Mind blowing! What my family has come to realize is processed sugar is simply poison.

My family does not plan to change what we are doing for a very long time. My son who is my oldest (28) is just starting his journey on this diet. I can’t wait to see the results. Most likely I’ll write another blog regarding his outcome and opinion. I am hoping to inspire my two oldest daughters (27) & (18) to take this journey along with my son in-law.

I want to make it clear that I am not against vegetables, fruit or healthy carbs. I think they have there place. I will say if you have a goal of weight loss this form of eating is a great way to consider. Once I get to my goal body fat percentage I plan to incorporate healthy carbs to add muscle mass and strength performances I want to personally say that if you are above the age of 45, you do not have to settle for your current status. Age is just a number. I’m 53 and I’m in best shape of my life since my 20’s. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Keith Grant

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